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Hello, I am so happy that you've found my website.  Stay a while, enjoy my art.  Thank you, may God bless you with happiness

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Portrait Art Commission

 Please check out my online art gallery for Original Fine Arts in Watercolor for Sale.  Candid photos inspire me to paint the essence of your mood or feelings for the subject.  I may be able to use one of your favorite photos of a person(s) that captured something special that makes you treasure that special moment even more.  My original watercolor art of your photo will amplify even more "feelings" and "moods" for that moment and that special person in your life.  My art will show so much more than the subject photo.  Contact me to discuss the possibilities. If you are not happy with the finished art, you are not obligated to complete the purchase.  Thank you for your consideration.

Pet Portrait

Order your pet portrait.  I can take photo shots of my own or use your pictures approved by myself.

Our pets are our family member, our daughters and sons.  They are special.  Each one have special something about them.  Some more than another.  You can capture them in a photo or if you have a photo with the specialness that you would want to view always in a fine art form, please contact me to discuss the possibilities.  


Theme art can be bought based on mood, colors in existing products or special orders available.

Have you wanted to furnish the wall with the specific themed arts for a certain rooms or areas in your space?  How about a series of arts for your kitchen?  Bedroom?  Or a good Fengshui art?  Why not a rainy street scene or streetscape?  I can do the theme arts of your choice.  Contact me to discuss the possibilities.

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